Reflection by Paris Wilkinson: MakerBot General Counsel, Kathryn Hurley

On October 13th, the mentoring circle embarked on a journey down to Brooklyn to meet Kathryn Hurley, the General Counsel for MakerBot. As soon as we arrived at the office, Kathryn greeted us all with warmth and care. She led us to a conference room with a beautiful view of downtown Brooklyn and began to tell her story. She is a New York, more specifically, Brooklyn native, who attended Howard University for her undergraduate degree, then proceeded to attend Georgetown Law. Throughout the entire conversation, one aspect about Kathryn Hurley became clear--she is incredibly passionate. Her passion for using to law to enable MakerBot’s success more than apparent. She started at the company when it was very small, and has been with it through its transformation from a private to a public company, and even remained with the company as it was acquired and the legal team was downsized. In addition to her passion to her job, she talked about her love for education, which was an area she originally planned on working in during law school. Despite her career veering in a different path, she has still managed to incorporate that passion for education into her life, by serving on the board for a charter school. Kathryn also co-founded an application called Intellibins, which helps New Yorkers not only conveniently find the nearest recycling bins, but also improve the sustainability of the city. Finally, Kathryn Hurley seems to hold a deep dedication to her city, returning to the place she was born and raised after finishing her education. Among being promoted to general counsel before the age of 30, serving on the board of a charter school, co-founding an award winning application, and being an avid runner, Kathryn Hurley proved herself to be quite the Renaissance woman, and someone that we all can find inspiration in. We thank for her for the amazing experience.

"Hello! My name is Paris Wilkerson, and I am currently a sophomore in Columbia College studying Political Science. Though I am not sure what type of law I would like to practice in the future, my interests current legal interests are in international and constitutional law. I look forward to learning from the amazing speakers and my peers throughout the semester!"

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