Reflection by Camille Sanches: MakerBot General Counsel, Kathryn Hurley

During her conversation with Mentoring Group’s meeting on Friday the 13th, Kathryn Hurley, General Counsel, of MakerBot spoke about the importance of trying out different legal fields while in law school, strongly recommended taking a Computer Science class to help ease into the ever-expanding tech world, and raved about her love for her Google Glasses.

The Georgetown Law alumna has been with MakerBot since 2013 which gave her the opportunity to see the tech startup adjust as the staff size fluctuated and watched as it transferred from private to public hands. All of these changes affected her job and pushed her to learn how to adjust to varying co-workers and assignments. Hurley noted that the change was difficult, she went from being able to rely on another attorney to aid in making decisions to being one of the only consoles the company can rely idea, but ultimately it helped her better her research skills and taught her to realize that it’s okay to not always know all of the answers.

Hurley also advised members of the Mentorship Group to be open to learning about some facets of the tech industry, whether or not they plan on getting involved in it themselves. Hurley herself wasn’t completely enthralled with tech, she majored in English and Economics during her undergrad years at Howard, but noted that as the tech industry expands, it will continue to seep into a variety of fields so basic knowledge of it is important.

On the side, Hurley sits as the board chair at Legacy College Preparatory Charter School where she has the opportunity to explore her interest in education policy.

Ultimately, Hurley told students that it is important to try different things. It is okay to change your major and try a variety of internships during law school. You are not stuck with your first choice so you might as well try them all.

Camille Sanches is a senior at Columbia College majoring in Human Rights and concentrating in Ethnicity and Race Studies. She is greatly involved in the work that Amnesty International does around the country and hopes to continue being an activist long after college. Currently, she is planning on working at an NGO after graduation and would love to pursue a career in law in the future. In her spare time searches the internet for dog pictures.

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