Reflection by Yang Li: Wolf Haldenstein Partner, Janine Pollack

On November 17th, the Pre-Law Society had the honor to invite Janine Pollack to join us for an intimate conversation with members of the Mentoring Circle. Ms. Pollack is a partner at Wolf Haldenstein and is a member of the Firm’s Consumer Protection practice. She specializes in class action and representing the consumers in cases of defective products or deception. While fighting injustice for her plaintiff, she also spends her time between being a team leader for Increasing Diversity in Mass Tort and Class Action Leadership for the Duke Law School Center for Judicial Studies and serving as a member of the Women in the Legal Profession Committee of the Bar Association of the City of New York.

On a brisk Friday, we as undergraduates hoping to go to law school had the fortune to hear her story and her career path. After hearing her tell us about how hundreds of people with disabilities were taken advantage of by a company, I was so deeply moved by her passion and her sense of justice that I made her my role model. Ms. Pollack also introduced us to the other side of legal fairs and the difference between defense firms and plaintiff firms. Ms. Pollack, for over ten years, truly cared about her clients as she passionately told us how these are real people who are receiving real injury from consumer fraud. Ms. Pollack is a brilliant lawyer who truly cared about justice causes and recovered more than hundreds of million dollars for her clients. After meeting her, I was awed and inspired to want to be like her in my future career: to fight for the right cause and do justice to everyone.

Yang Li is a sophomore in Columbia College thinking about majoring in Psychology and on the Pre-Law track. She is interested in corporate law as well as immigration law. Besides hanging out with Pre-Law Society’s Mentoring circle members, she is also president of Global Youth Mentorship Initiative, a NGO club on campus focuses on education and equality. She loves reading, writing, and watching “Lie to Me.”

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