Columbia Pre-Law Society

Saturday, february 17, 2018:


Thank you all for coming out to our 3nd Annual Columbia Pre-Law Conference! New York State Supreme Court Justice W. Franc Perry gave an incredible keynote, and our panels covered topics in corporate law, pro bono projects, international law, and intellectual property. We connected pre-law students together with legal professionals in various fields, as well as current Columbia Law School students. 

We hope to see you again next year!


Our Mission

The Columbia Pre-Law Society provides prospective law students at Columbia University with a forum to discuss, interact, and debate with our nation's laws, processes, and legal professionals. We organize events such as panels, mixers, and informal discussions to facilitate networking both within our membership and with legal professionals. We provide pre-law students with the necessary resources to foster their interests in the law or to motivate the further exploration of existing legal interests.

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Our 2018 Mentoring Circle: Diversity in Law

The Mentoring Circle is a cohort of ten undergraduate students that meet with a different legal professional every Friday to learn about her experiences and accomplishments. 

This semester, the Columbia Pre-Law Society's Mentoring Circle focuses on diversity in law. We are grateful to have the opportunity to speak to a wide range of legal professionals, including a New York Supreme Court Justice and the General Counsel of Birchbox, to learn about the wide range of career paths that a law degree can provide.

Despite an increase in women and people of color enrolled in law school, the legal profession remains one of the least diverse fields--especially at the General Counsel level. Furthermore, women and especially women of color continue to make less than their male counterparts. Students are encouraged to question and discuss why law remains one of the least diverse fields. 


January 2018

Being a member of the pre-law society connected me with a group of hardworking and driven folks who have become sources of support and lifelong friends.

Divya Sundaram, 2016-17 Co-President / Meet Our Team